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We are scientists, designers, programmers, authors, communicators, artists, organizers, engineers, teachers, and more.

We come together to connect, learn, and create so we can make a positive impact on ourselves and on the world.

We focus on four key areas:

Lifelong Colleagues

No matter where we work, most of the amazing people work for someone else. At Nexion, colleagues transcend the workplace. Build meaningful relationships with people who inspire and enable you. We care about each other and support each other. We value personal growth and meaningful connections. Find your mastermind group, your accountability group, and your mentors through Nexion.

Learning and Doing

Continual learning - about science and technology, about behavior and habits, about communication and leadership - is important for our development. We learn through large and small group activities. Practicing what we learn is important to make knowledge truly stick, so groups may also work together to apply what they learned on projects.

Side Projects & New Efforts

Nexion is a place to find collaborators for side projects - people who really want to work together to make dreams come true. Nexion helps apply the cognitive surplus of your lifelong colleagues to meaningful, important projects - or projects just for fun. Find an illustrator for your children's book, an engineer for your mega-robot, or a co-founder for your social action group. Let's create great things together and change the world!

Civic Engagement

We participate, we enable, and we give back to our communities and to our society. When we see an opportunity to fix or improve something that affects us all, we are proactive and smart about lending a hand.

We will do this through:

· Monthly gatherings that bring our members together, inspire with new ideas, reinforce learning, and follow up on projects
· Mobile & Web community platform for making connections with others and keeping track of opportunities

Forming soon in Boston. Other cities to follow. Eventual 501(c)(3).

For more information, contact David Koelle at